Creating an account on OurCareDirect is easy! Just follow the steps bellow and you’ll be up and running in no time.

Step 1: Getting Started

Go directly to the sign up page by clicking here.  Or go to our website and click on “Sign up” located on the top right hand corner of the website inside of the lime green band.

Step 2: Account Information

Decide what your username will be. It has to be unique and easy to remember. Most people tend to put their first initial and their last name followed by the last two digits of their year of birth (or day of birth), so for example one could go with JSmith75. Others go for more personal names that they like and can remember such as Cherryblossom. If the name is already being used by someone else then you will have to create a new name! Often you can make it your own simply by adding more letters or numbers – so if Cherryblossom is taken you can opt for Cherryblossom22 or CherryBlossomGal.

Next you will need to type in your email address. If you do not have an email address then we suggest you make one at yahoo.com, gmail.com or outlook.com.

Afterward you will need to decide on a password. Try to make it something that only you could know! Be sure to make your password AT LEAST 6 characters (numbers/letters/symbols) long be sure to include AT LEAST one number. Retype your password again to make sure that you wrote it accurately the first time. Our software hides your password as you type it so your information remains safe.

Step 3: Choose your Account Type

Next make sure to select what kind of account you want. There are three account types on OurCareDirect.com.

If you are a patient or caregiver and want to use OurCareDirect.com to find services for yourself or a loved one, select “Patient & Caregiver” from the drop down menu.

If you are working with an organization and want to use OurCareDirect to find and manage services for your patients or clients, select “Case Manager” from the drop down menu.

If you are a service provider and want to use OurCareDirect to find clients for your services, select “Service Provider” from the drop down menu.

Finally you will have to fill out the captcha. Simply put in the information you see in the little picture above the textbox and you’re done! This is to verify that you are a human since computer programs cannot read the information on the pictures.

If the picture is too difficult to make out you can ask for a different one or take a small audio test instead.

You’re done! Click “Sign Up” at the bottom of the screen and you will be ready to move on to the next section.


Step 4: Terms of Use

This lays out the agreement between us and our clients. By accepting, you are letting us know that you have read everything, agree to our terms and conditions, and will use our site properly. This agreement allows us to give you access to our application and services. It DOES NOT charge you or force you to pay for any of our services. Declining will prevent you from finishing the account process and gaining access to our tools and site.
To accept click the “I Accept” button highlighted in blue at the bottom of the page.

Step 5: Confirming your account

Now that you’ve signed up we have to make sure the email you typed in was the correct one!

Our system automatically sends you an email with a link that will immediately activate your account so you can use all of our services.

After accepting our Terms of Use you will be redirected to your account home page. Near the top of the page, highlighted in yellow, it should say “Email confirmation required” and next to it “(Resend Confirmation Email).”

Open a new tab on your browser and sign in to your email and look for a message from us. If you do not see anything you should check your spam folder or click “resend email confirmation” at the top of the screen on your OurDirectCare account page.

Once you click on the link in the email to activate your account you will be redirected to a page letting you know that the process has been complete. There will be a link that says “Please Click here to Login” that will return you to your account overview.

You’re done! Now you can start using your account.

In order to get your account up and running you need to list your services so potential clients know what you’re all about. Navigating your way through a new interface might be a little tricky so we’ll help break it down for you!
Step 1: Sign In
If you’re thinking of already adding services then we can assume you have already created an account. If you haven’t we have another guide that can help you take care of that first (here)
So log on to our page at OurCareDirect.com, click “Log In” in the top right hand corner of the screen and type in your username and password in order to access your account.

Step 2: Services tab
Now that you’re signed in you should be in the main dashboard. By default you start off on the “My Clients” tab so in order to star adding your services you’ll need to select the “Services” tab at the top. You should be able to find it right below the “OurCareDirect” logo on the top left hand corner.

Step 3: Add a New Service
On the “Services” tab, the first thing that should catch your attention is the fact that there is a giant green button with a plus sign that says “Add a New Service” – click on it.

Now it’s time for the tedious work. In order to list your services you will have to first write down exactly what they are! You will have to name your services and then provide a brief description of exactly what it is.

Right below you should see a line that says “service is visible in search results” followed by a little box. If you want clients to be able to look up your services it is imperative that this box is checked off! However, if for whatever reason you are temporarily not offering that service anymore then you can go back and uncheck it so people won’t stumble across it and ask you for it.
You will also have to select just how visible your service will be. You can set parameters by state, city or distance. Select your preference from the drop down menu, fill out the required information, and then click on the green plus sign to add it to your list of service area requirements. If you want to restrict access be distance, input the number of miles from the service address that you are able to cover.

As with any service, you will need to let people know what its cost is. You can select free, income-based, or fee from the drop down menu to let people know what to expect.

If you want to set even more parameters so you can control your client base, you can! Simply fill out the age minimum, age maximum, sex, type of insurance and whether or not they will need a prescription to set them.

In order to ensure that interested customers contact you, put your preferred method of contact followed by your phone number. If the services you provide are located within or originate from the same address as your organization then make sure that this box is checked, otherwise you will be prompted to input the service address.
A chance to put additional contact information is available and it is strongly recommended. Once you are done filling everything out (and verifying that everything is correct) you can press the big green “Save” button.
You should be taken back to your Services page afterwards and you should be able to now see the service you just created.

Keep doing this until you’ve listed all of your services.

Step 4: Advanced Features
Now that you know how to list a service, there are some features that you should know how to use to save time!
Editing: On your services tab, next to your service listings there are three buttons: edit, clone and delete. Clicking the edit button will allow you to view all of the information for your service and let you make any changes.
Clone: If you have two similar services then instead of having to create two new services with almost the same content you can just make one and clone it! After you clone it you can edit the clone so that you can give it a new title and add any other information. By default your clone will NOT appear in search results so make sure to check off the box that allows it to appear!

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Frequently Asked Questions

OurCareDirect is a comprehensive care coordination tool that can be used by patients, caregivers, and service providers to find and manage community-based care services without sacrificing quality or choice.

Patients & Caregivers

OurCareDirect is the most comprehensive listing of community-based services in Hampton Roads. But OurCareDirect is much more than just a directory of services. OurCareDirect is a comprehensive care management tool for children with special needs, adults with disabilities, and older adults who seek to preserve their independence and maximize their quality of life.

Service Providers

OurCareDirect offers service providers a low cost option to find the right clients for their services.

Case Managers

OurCareDirect gives case managers the tools they need to easily find and manage services for their clients. Case managers can also store their important client notes and documents securely online. All for an affordable monthly subscription.

OurCareDirect is free to patients and caregivers.

OurCareDirect is a web-based application, accessible from any computer with a reliable internet connection.

OurCareDirect strives to be a comprehensive source of all available services in an area. Even if service providers are not active users of OurCareDirect, their information will still be listed, as in any other navigator or directory, for patients and caregivers to contact if they choose. However, you will not be able to request, schedule, coordinate, track or pay for your services through OurCareDirect. It will be up to you to call or fax as you would from a static listing.

OurCareDirect is currently available in Eastern Virginia, but we are expanding rapidly. Email support@ourcaredirect.com to request OurCareDirect in your area.

OurCareDirect is built on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform and adheres to the highest security specifications. To read more about how OurCareDirect protects your privacy and keeps your data secure, click here.

Creating an account on OurCareDirect is super easy. To get started click the “Sign Up” button in the upper right hand corner.

Our terms of use is available by clicking here.